November 11, 2007

Nevada Home Insurance - When To Be Loyal, When Not To

1. Nevada Home Insurance: Discounts are usually given to policy holders who remain with an insurance company for three years and above. The longer the time you remain with an insurer, the more the concession.

But do bear in mind that the rebate you get for remaining with the same insurance company could become insignificant if you compare it with what you could save by switching. Discovering which serves you best is quite easy. You can find out for sure by getting quotes from as many insurance companies as you can and then compare savings you'll get if you go to another insurer with what your current insurer gives as loyalty discount.

2. Nevada Home Insurance: If it makes sense, buy more than one policy from the same insurer. Expect discounts anywhere from 5% to 15% if you choose to purchase multiple policies from the same insurance company.

The multi-policy discount you get could be far less than what you'll get by buying from different insurers. You can only know by getting quotes from various insurers for your policies and then comparing what you'll save by buying from separate insurers with what you'll be given as multi-policy discounts.

Nevada Home Insurance: You can bring down your home insurance costs by asking for and comparing quotes from five or more good insurance quotes sites.

Don't make the mistake of assuming that getting quotes from just one quotes site is enough. Although you may be lucky and get great rates by just visiting one quotes site, you'll better your chances by getting from many quotes sites. There are hundreds of insurance companies but the typical quotes site only returns quotes from five or so insurance per request.

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Betty said...

I find all the point really good about home insurance policy scheme. I agree that sticking to same insurance company gives an opportunity to get discount but each year a person should review the market conditions and offers in a hope to find a policy that will cost lower than the existing plan.
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