November 10, 2007

Cheap Holiday Home Insurance - Your Location And Your Rates

1. Cheap holiday home insurance: Folks who buy homes in towns that have full-time fire service pay lower premium than people who reside in towns with just a volunteer fire service. Furthermore, the nearness of your house to a fire station or hydrant will affect your homeowners insurance rate. If your home is closer to such facilities, you'll pay lower rates.

2. Don't buy a house in a neighborhood that has a high crime rate. Insurance companies consider homes in such places as high risks and high rates are the unavoidable result. Two homes just a street away from each other could fall into different risk zones on insurers' map. You can call up an agent or insurance office and ask. A home could be on the borders of crime districts and therefore result in adjacent streets being counted to different zones as far as crime rate is concerned.

3. Cheap holiday home insurance: You will save more if you buy a house as close as you can to a police station. If you reside very close to a police station you would have a lower risk of burglary, for instance, and you get more affordable premiums if you're a lower risk.

4. This is important even though it's not part of a homeowners policy. You'd have to buy flood insurance at up to $400 every year if you have a house in a flood-prone location. Every mortgagor will expect that you buy it if your home is in a flood-prone locality. You will such unnecessary expense by go for a house in a place that isn't prone to such.

Cheap holiday home insurance: You can see savings of hundreds of dollars on your holiday home insurance policy by obtaining insurance quotes from insurance quotes sites. The best method is to visit not less than three quotes sites and making sure that you input the same (correct) information about yourself.

I advise that you use not less than three quotes sites since it will make it less likely that you'll miss out better quotes not given by the other sites. This gives you a broader basis for doing better comparisons thus increasing your chances of better quotes.

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Emma said...

Location affects the home insurance policy premium up to a great extent. Insurance companies charges more if neighborhood is having a high crime rate. One can save hundreds of dollars by obtaining insurance quotes from online sites.
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