November 9, 2007

Kansas Homeowners Insurance - Where to Get the Best Rates

Kansas has had more than it's share of tornadoes and storms in recent years, which means if you don't have homeowners insurance in Kansas you're flirting with financial disaster. Here's how to get cheap Kansas homeowners insurance with a reputable company.

What does homeowners insurance cover?

Homeowners insurance covers the following:

* Your home - It protects your house and other freestanding structures on your property from fire, vandalism, hail, and storms.

* Personal property - It protects your personal property - clothing, jewelry, furniture, electronics, appliances, kitchen utensils, tools, sports equipment, etc.

* Additional living expenses - It pays for any additional living expenses you may incur when you're forced to leave your home due to fire, vandalism, or storms.

* Personal Liability - It protects you when you or a family member unintentionally injures someone or damages their property. It also pays your legal fees if they sue you.

How much homeowners insurance should I get?

For your home, you need enough coverage to rebuild it should it be destroyed. You can find out how much it would cost to rebuild your home from a local real estate agent or builder. For your personal property you need enough coverage to replace all your belongings. You can get that amount by adding up the value of everything your own.

For additional living expenses, most insurers will give you coverage equal to 20% of the amount of your home coverage. For personal liability coverage, most people opt for $100,000 worth of coverage, but you should purchase more if you have a lot of assets you need to protect.

What doesn't homeowners insurance cover?

Standard homeowners insurance does not cover damage to your home caused by flooding. If you live in a flood zone you can purchase flood insurance from the federal government. For more information about flood insurance visit FEMA's flood insurance web page at:

Also, some homeowners insurance companies do not cover damage due to windstorms, and they may set limits on expensive items like jewelry and computers, so be sure to read your policy, or have your insurance agent explain it to you, to make sure you have the coverage you need.

Where can I get cheap rates on Kansas homeowners insurance?

The best place to get the best rates on Kansas homeowners insurance is at an insurance comparison website.

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